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FKM fluorinated rubber

Fluorine rubber compounds are characterised by their wide range of applications. They have excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oils, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics, many organic solvents, and chemicals.

Gas permeability is low and similar to butyl rubber. 

The temperature range in static operation is approx. -25°C. Some purpose-made FKM special types reach -40°C. The heat resistance is about 240°C in continuous use; for short-term use temperatures up to 250°C and briefly up to 280°C are possible.

In dynamic load the compound does not reach the same cold temperature resistance as in static load. Some special types have increased resistance to acids, fuels, water and steam.

We offer …
…black or coloured fluoroelastomer compounds. The base for these compounds are standard fluoro-elastomers from almost all suppliers such as DuPont DOW (Viton®), Solvay-Solexis (Tecnoflon®) or Daikin (DAI-EL®).

… every kind of special setting, for example compounds with 45° and 50° Shore A. 
… compounds with peroxide fluoro-elastomer base, which only require brief tempering,
if at all.

… FKM master batches for easy processability during the production of FKM compounds.

• Co- and Terpolymer with calcium hydroxide
• Co- and Terpolymer with magnesium oxide

… compounds tested according to standards (KTW, FDA-compliant, etc.) 

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