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Processing aids

Our release agents and processing aids assure a technological advantage in the processing of rubber products. We have developed our SEC product line of processing aids especially for our customers, which is constantly evolving. 

By using special mould release agents, we can -for example- achieve an operating life of more than 50% in some cases.

Significant improvements using our release agents and processing aids are:
- longer production times
- no mould pollution

We can individually customise our standard products to meet your special requirements.
The spectrum of our processing aids is divided into the following sections:
- internal release agents
- external release agents


Release agents for compound production / batch off systems
- Release agents for the production of tubes
- Release agents for production of belts
- Mould cleaners
- Mould conservers


We are happy to help you adapt our release agents to your field of application!
We supply the following standard products. Click here for product summary.

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